Oh, yeah! You haven't LIVED until you've got ten inches swinging...
When we speak of penis "exercising," we're not talking about lifting weights like you would at the gym. What we're talking about is physically manipulating the penile tissues using your hands and body: Stretching, pulling, releasing, and unlocking the necessary areas that are holding back your full-growth potential. A lot of these elements aren't even in the penis, but are found in the surrounding structures of the penis. In fact, targeting these Associated Structures is one aspect of Penis Enlargement that we helped pioneer.

So, if a man wants to truly have a larger penis he needs a method of Penis Enlargement that will actually and physically "work out" his penile tissues. Sorry guys, but popping over-the-counter penis pills, smearing on penis creams, or taking some magical herb from deep in the Amazon Rain Forest isn't going to increase your penis size; but I'm sure you already knew this.

It's that simple. And all the men who have accomplished Natural Penis Enlargement will tell you the same thing. Really, if you want a larger penis you have to use a method that works!

But more importantly, you want to put the LARGE in your PENIS ENLARGEMENT program. To get optimum penis enlargement, you need a penis exercising program that addresses the
Seven Critical Aspects of the Penis (more on that later). These areas must be targeted efficiently and correctly. Unless each of these areas is targeted explicitly, you will be missing vital areas of penis enlargement. Vital areas that are essential in extracting every possible millimeter out of your penis. This is why we get huge results - Male Enhancement at Its Finest.

If you are serious about penis enlargement that works, continue to read and discover how we can help you accomplish your enlargement dreams with secrets from Russia and from around the World.
Making your penis bigger is easier than you think. Both of the writers of this book have managed to increase and enlarge their penis size with Extra Girth and Added Length. We've also helped over a thousand other men accomplish their enlargement desires, too. The great thing about increasing your penis size is that it will change other aspects of your lives, as well - and for the better. Don't take that lightly, for it's a penis enlargement truth. The feedback we've received from men who've enlarged themselves overwhelmingly described how their entire lives changed with their newly-found penile size increases.

But there's a lot of confusion as to what methods really work to get those extra inches you desire. That's easy to understand, as Men are bombarded with countless ads and promises from every imaginable form of Penis Enlargement product that is on the market. Be it penis pills, patches, creams, magnets, lotions, extenders, bogus penis exercises; even plastic penis pumps... Heck, there's even a company selling a "penis pyramid" that you place over your penis to make it grow. Apparently it channels "pyramid energy" (just like the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt did with their pyramids) for penis enlargement. And before you even ask, "No, we've never tried this method of Enlarging the Penis." The fact is, the list of all the different types of penis enlargement products on the market is endless. This makes choosing the right method confusing for most men who are just starting out on their Bigger Penis Journey.
"I've practiced a non-surgical, holistic approach to medicine the last 20 years. I personally know Dr. von Neumann and have studied his literature and approach. If anyone can help
you enlarge your penis, he's the man who can help you do so."

Dr. T. Clawson, USA
Now... Let's Learn About Putting The "LARGE" In Penis EnLARGEment:
When men get serious about getting a larger penis, since they are bombarded with all of these different options, one of the most commonly asked questions is "What Male Enhancement Methods Actually Work"? It's no great secret or mystery and the answer is actually very simple: Simply, one has to apply a physical force or effort into actually encouraging the tissues of the penis to grow. This is called penis exercising, but it's a different form of "exercising," as there aren't a lot of muscles in the penis (there are a few). But common sense will tell you that taking some penis pills or applying some magic cream isn't going to make your penis size any bigger. Ask your friends or do some research on the Internet. Better yet, watch the "Penn & Teller BS" TV-show on "Penis Enlargement," where they test and debunk a huge selection of penis enlargement products currently on the market and then you can draw your own conclusions from their findings.

However, we can save you some time with your research: The bottom line is that these methods won't give you the real penis enlargement gains you are after. There is only one safe and non-surgical effective method of enlargement and that is to physically get a bigger penis through Penis Exercises.
Your God-Given and Righteous Gift to Have a Big Penis Using Penile Enlargement Methods

Don't sell yourself short. Unlike other primates and most mammals, Man does not utilize a bone in his penis to create an erection. Instead, Man relies on blood flow, pressure, and hydraulics to create an erection. The cellular structure of the penis (both internal and external) is elastic in nature. For this reason, Nature bestowed upon Man a penis that could be enlarged - it's a man's God-given right to enlarge himself! It's not much different than enlarging your brain through education or enlarging your biceps with weights.

Let's Talk About Completely and Thoroughly Transforming Your Entire Sexual System:

There's more to it than just enlarging your Penis to Monster-Sized Proportions.
Just having a Huge and Massive Penis is like having an Exotic Sports Car powered by an anemic and low-performance engine. You don't want any old engine powering your supercar. No. In fact, you want to supercharge the engine and improve the transmission and suspension, too. Our penis enlargement system does just that. We address the very foundation of your sexual core to strengthen and unlock peaks of stamina, strength, and ejaculatory volumes that you never thought was possible. We help you transform your penis into a Penis of Supercar Proportions.

Why is the Iron Man Penis System Unique Among Other Methods of Male Enhancement Options That Are Available?

It actually works. Unfortunately, the vast majority of over-the-counter products and available male enhancement methods do not.

Before you sit down and read the information on this website, you should first get out your penis. Look at its size, look at its shape, in both its flaccid and erective states. Use a mirror and look at the underside while you look at the top side, and compare both of these aspects of your penis, simultaneously... Notice every vein, hair, mole, changes in skin color, and every other aspect of the physical presence of YOUR OWN PENIS. As you really examine your penis in such extreme detail, for the first time, ask yourself if you would like YOUR PENIS to be firmer, sexier, harder, bolder, immensly more masculine, more intense, and also sporting a wicked, balls-to-the-wall attitude that says it all - both erect or flaccid; and, of course, TO MAKE IT BIGGER. If this is what you want and you are serious about making your penis all of those things and more, then you've come to the right place for the right type of Penis Enlargement.

Welcome to our website. We're here just for you and we guarantee to help you reach all of your Penis Enlargement goals.
It's Time to Put the "LARGE" in PENIS EnLARGEment

Penis Enlargement Masturbation  -  Myofascial Penis Enlargement  -  Associated Structures
HLVT - Cranial Lateralization - Vibrational Modulus  -  Pelvic Sequencing - Polarity Exercising
Yes, but How is it Really Different than other Methods?

Much of our knowledge was borrowed from research done during the Cold War in the former Soviet Union. The Soviets were pioneers in the fields of Sports Medicine and Human-Performance Engineering. They scientifically studied all aspects of the human body to improve Human-Performance to heights that people in the West had no idea even existed until decades later. In fact, Western weight lifters, marksmen, athletes, and even businessmen are finally beginning to use such techniques to improve their abilities in their fields. The Soviets took this research seriously, as they wanted to be the absolute best. They formed research teams to study and learn how to get the most out of their athletes and soldiers in every way, shape, and form. We worked with a retired Soviet Sports Medicine expert whose field was Olympic training of athletes during this era. He shared with us his knowledge from being part of a research team involved in developing techniques to increase groinal flexibility in gymnasts. A surprising result, of what he was involved with, was that their research led to a longer penis.

We also worked with physiologists, sports therapists, a dietician, anatomists, other doctors, and even sex-industry workers to learn the true bio-mechanics, physiology, kinesiology, and latent potential of the sexual system.
This gave us key insight into what it takes to enlarge your penis, your orgasm, and your sexual potential and stamina. Through trial-and-error and experimentation, we were able to separate the myths from the realities and create a penis enlargement program that actually works for Your Penis Growth and for Your Potent Sexual Growth.

IT'S NO SECRET THAT WOMEN PREFER MEN WITH A BIGGER PENIS. When polled, women voted nearly unanimously that they would much rather be with an average-looking man with a Big Penis, rather than an extremely-good-looking hunk with a small penis. So, your days of being shy around women will melt away into the past.

Going to the pool or beach won't even phase you. No more fears of the doctor's office and having the nurse look you over in the nude. Showers, hot tubs, and saunas will no longer be a threat. We'll help you turn that Grow-er into a Show-er.

You won't have to be reminded every day of your penis size. With your big penis, you'll be able to smile and admire your penis enlargement accomplishments. Your partner will be thrilled, too, and give her really something to brag about to her friends - You and Your Big Penis.

Women will not only be more interested in you, if word gets out about your size, they will hunt you down to try you on "for size." Be prepared to become the "talk of the town," seriously.

Scientific studies prove that women are more attracted to men with a higher sperm count. It's the Survival of the Fittest. Men who ejaculate more are sexually more virile & intense. Women love a powerful man and are unconsciously attracted to extremely fertile men; it's part of Women's Intuition. Just another side of Male Enhancement, really.
What are the Benefits of Your Male Enhancement Program?
Enlarging Your Penis, through natural methods, is equal to Enlarging Your Life. It helps you gain a new self-confidence that can be applied to all aspects of your life. In fact, with an impact so great, its true value can't even be measured. It is amazing how pent-up fears, like having a small penis, can affect all aspects of your life; especially social & romantic aspects - even financial aspects, too.

Sex and relationships take on an entirely new and exciting dimension once you have a Big Penis for Command Performance in the Bedroom. Sex becomes fun and adventurous instead of terrifying.

In short, YOU are the Absolute Winner when you Finally Have That BIGGER PENIS. Make a list of how your life will change when you increase your penis size and see to it that you make these dreams a reality when you are bigger than you ever imagined. It's easier than most men ever realize.

You Only Live Once. Make the best out of it. When you are finally endowed with a bigger penis, you will start to feel better about yourself and your abilities and start living life as it was meant to be lived: BOLD AND LARGE. ENLARGE YOUR PENIS and ENLARGE YOUR LIFE.

Is it True I Can Use Your Special Techniques to Enlarge my Penis Size when Masturbating?

Yes. We provide three types of these penis exercises. One penile enlargement method is performed during the orgasm phase (when the ejaculatory process is in full swing) and the other two can be performed during actual masturbation for larger penis growth.

Are You Involved With Helping Animals Get a Bigger Penis Size, Like Other People Claim?

No. We just help Men get the Big Penis they desire with Penile Enlargement methods.

What Do You Think About All of the Penis Pill Recalls That Are All Over the News?

No comment. We work with Mechanical Penis Enlargement Methods, not questionable pills.

My Penis is Scarred and my Penis Size is Smaller from Being Circumcised. Can You Help Me?

Yes and no. We cannot help you reverse the scarring that is inevitable with circumcision, but we can help you compensate for your compromised size through our enhancement techniques; and by helping you restore penis sensitivity that you may have lost through our Increasing Penile Sensitivity techniques.
IRON MAN PENIS - THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM is an eBook in the  PDF format (for both Mac & Windows). This means you can read it easily on your computer or print out a hard copy with your printer. The book has a complete 100% Money-Back Guarantee, after 30 days, for 60 days from date of purchase. Orders are processed immediately and your copy of the book will be easily available to download within minutes. All orders are processed 100% Safely and Securely through Paydotcom and Paypal - 24-Hours A Day, Anywhere In The World. You Do Not Need A Paypal or Paydotcom Account To Purchase Iron Man Penis. All Payment Options Are Available, Including From Your Checking Account. If you have any  questions or  comments,  please visit  our "Contact" page.
How Soon Before I Get a Bigger Penis?

There are three phases:

Basic - First Month
Moderate - Second Month
Advanced - Third Month and Beyond

Each phase (month) consists of a series of techniques to do each day. Day-by-day and millimeter-by-millimeter changes will occur. Within three days you will start to "feel" distinct changes in your penis.
Men who are serious and stick with the program typically have noticeable results in two weeks. Much more profound results begin to reveal themselves at the end of the first month (phase). All months are included in the Iron Man Penis Enlargement book for Penis Growth.

How Much Time is Required and What Tools do I Use?

About 30 minutes each day. When using Myofascial Techniques and the Skachka Penis Enlargement Techniques, an extra 15 minutes per day is required. In other words, about as much time as it takes to watch a sit-com on television. Getting a Bigger Penis takes less time than most men think.

No tools. You just use your hands and body. (A chair, bed, and optional mat are used for some methods.)

How Big Can I Get?

Individual results vary, of course, depending on your original size and tissue quality. Increases of 4"+ in Length and Girth increases up to 60% are possible. We leave it up to you to decide how big you want to get. You decide. The penile tissues are dynamic, not static, in nature; so only you can hold yourself back.

What's Your Guarantee regarding Real Penis Enlargement Success & Bigger Penis Results?

A Completely Unconditional Guarantee for a full Eight-Weeks (60 days) or your money back.

What About Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, we can help. Unless there is an underlying medical anomaly (from birth or due to impaction), our Penile Enlargement system can help you with these problems, too.

How Simple is your Iron Man Penis System of Penis Enlargement to get a Bigger Penis & Larger Penis Size?

It's as easy as tying your own shoe laces.

Our Penis Enlargements System is simple:

1) We teach you the foundation of your sexual system.
2) We teach you the techniques, methods, and penis exercises you need to transform your system beyond its current threshold.
3) You follow through with a safe and effective program in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace.
4) You get the Penis Size Results You Desire.

What could be easier...?
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Why Use Our Unique Methods of Penis Enlargement to Add Those Precious Inches to Help You Get a Bigger Penis?

Over ONE MILLION MEN and Women
Have Learned Valuable Penis Enlargement Secrets and Information from Our Articles, Books, Research, Contributions, and Videos...
"This did it for me... ...I was in 'No Man's Land' with my penis enlargement exercises. ...It probably sounds stupid but I was after that EXTRA inch but I just couldn't get it with the PE stuff out there. But I found it with your material... Your stuff is like the Holy Grail with the info to get that little extra out of your pr*ck."

Frank S., NY City, USA
Ask Yourself, What Size Do You Wish To Be...?
The Seven Critical  Aspects  You Need  For Getting that Larger Penis:

1) The medial (central) aspects of the penis must be addressed to improve penile hemodynamics.
2) The superior aspects must be addressed for optimum penis size.
3) The inferior aspects must be addressed for optimum penis size.
4) The lateral aspects must be addressed for optimum penis growth.
5) Myofascial techniques must be utilized for optimum penis growth potential.
6) Non-penile Associated muscles, ligaments, & fascia must be addressed to really get a bigger penis.
7) Proper unlocking of non-penile associated muscles and fascia must be targeted for superior size gains.

Now, you can see how just repeating versions of the same penis exercises doesn't cut it. All aspects must be targeted to get the most out of your penis-size potential when utilizing penis exercises or any other form of male enhancement program/techniques.
Click Here to Learn How an Ex-Soviet Aerospace Engineer Made Two Doctors Look Like Complete Fools by Teaching Us How to Easily Add an Additional 15% to Our Penis Size (Girth and Length) By Applying Basic Structural Engineering Principles & Elements To Our Penis Enlargement Techniques
"Here's a story for you, the guys in my squad found out I had this book and were giving me all kinds of sh*t about over it. But slowly, little by little the guys would ask me if this sh*t really works. I told them that it does. Now all the guys on my squad are into getting bigger, thanks to you (and me). It also helps us pass the time out here, which is great. Thanks, man."

Rich, Iraq
man and woman

Georg von Neumann  and   Igor Krynov
By now you should see how the IRON MAN PENIS ENLARGEMTN system is the ultimate answer to fulfilling all of your Male Enhancement dreams about creating a larger penis. Stop wasting your time and money on disappointing & deadly pills, plastic pumps, useless penis exercises, & other pie-in-the-sky fantasy gimmicks that don't work.

Order now and start to Enlarge Your Penis and Enlarge Your Life, starting immediately.
bigger penis
What Special Techniques/Secrets are Revealed to Me?

Targeted techniques for the surrounding anatomy, not just the penis and pelvis.
Techniques that allow you to enlarge yourself through simple masturbation.
Targeted stretches and pulls for the penis and related structures.
Myofascial techniques for penis and core related structures.
Scarpa's Fascia Penis Lengthening Rolling Techniques.
CSF pumping exercises for pelvic/sexual function.
Simple and further advanced milking techniques.
Overview of core sexual functioning factors.
Dietary considerations and health aspects.
Testicular Strengthening and Release.

Vibrational modulus  penis exercising.
Recipe for "Super Semen Milkshake."
Glans (head) enlargement protocol.
Critical penile ligament extensions.
Penis crookedness straightening.
Pelvic sequencing for size gains.
HLVT for getting a bigger penis.
Psychological aspects, hygiene.
Increasing penile sensitivity.
Perineum  -  pelvic release.
Polarity Penis Exercises.
Visualization techniques.
Cranial Lateralization.
Penis Enlargements.
Myofascial unlock.
Advanced jelq.
Longer Penis.
Jelqing info.

QUESTION: I Found a Book on Penis Exercises with 50 exercises. Do You Have 50 Penis Exercises In Your Book?

No. Twenty-five different exercises on jelqing and twenty-five different exercises on stretching out the Suspensory Ligament of the Penis isn't going to result in much gain for you. There is no point in repeating the same penis enlargement exercises twenty-five different ways. Serious male enhancement is more diverse and involves much, much more. The Seven key Critical Aspects of the penis must be addressed to extract every possible stubborn millimeter out of your potential penis size if you truly want to get a bigger penis and a longer penis.

What are the Seven Critical Aspects I Must Target to Fully Enlarge My Penis?

It's easy to look at the penis as just an appendage hanging off of the body. It seems to be unrelated to the rest of you. After all, it just hangs there... But nothing could be farther from the truth. The muscles, ligaments, fascia, tendons, arteries, and veins that allow the mechanism of erection, orgasm, and ejaculation are linked very closely with other parts of the body. For example, there is fascia in the abdomen that forms ligaments that support the penis; and that's the most simplistic aspect of it. It's a very dynamic system that needs to be approached properly with male enhancement methods. Getting a Larger Penis in this way is easy, if one knows how to properly use penis exercises.

A good example of how this works is to wiggle your index finger. When you do this, you are using muscles in your finger, hand, forearm, arm, shoulder, neck, and upper back. The joints involved are the same. Not to mention that the nerves and arteries that allow this to happen start in your neck and follow the same pathway down into your finger. Just wiggling your finger takes many related structures to allow it to happen.

The penis is exactly the same. Even though it is just an object (like your finger) attached to your body, there are many other structures involved in its proper function. This is especially important in Enlarging Your Penis through Penile Enlargement, because unless those related structures are addressed, you will not be able to attain your Ultimate Penis Size Potential with whatever enlargement method you are using to Enlarge Your Penis...
You Naturally Have All the PIECES You Need to Get YOUR BIGGER PENIS SIZE, We'll Show You How Easy It Is To Do...
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New, Third Edition Released

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October 7, 2011 - Added Chapter on "Scarpa's Fascia Penis Lengthening Rolling Techniques"
October 20, 2011 - Added Chapter on "Proper Oxygenation of the Penis for Penis Exercises"
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